Rule Britannia 3.0

This mod for Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion allows one to play as the Romano-British faction, and contains several changes and additions to make this a viable faction to conquer the world with.


  • The Romano-British faction is now playable, and begins the game in control of all the provinces of the British Isles except for Caledonia and Hibernia. They are allied with the Western Roman Empire and have a small family with two generals.
  • The Celts faction now begins the game at war with the Romano-British instead of the Western Roman Empire.


  • The Britannia Superior and Britannia Inferior provinces have been renamed to Britannia Caesariensis and Britannia Secunda respectively, and they begin the game mostly Christian instead of mostly Pagan.
  • New Britannia Prima province created by splitting Britannia Caesariensis into two. It has the settlement of Deva and begins the game equally Christian and Pagan.


  • The British Legionaries unit now has identical stats to the Comitatenses, with the exception of being better in woods and snow at the expense of being worse in the desert and easier to fatigue in heat.
  • The Graal Knights unit has had its size increased to the level of other cataphract units, and its recruitment and upkeep cost is increased by 25% to balance this out. It can also be recruited anywhere, instead of only in Britannia.
  • The Foederati Cavalry, Bucellarii, Ballistae, Repeating Ballistae and Carriage Ballistae units are now recruitable by the Romano-British.
  • New British Legionaries First Cohort unit as a Romano-British equivalent of the Comitatenses First Cohort, with the slight variations in abilities as per the British Legionaries.
  • Updated the textures of several Romano-British unit models to either a more detailed version or to one with the correct shade of blue to match the other units of the faction.
  • Updated the names of several mercenary units to make it obvious they are the mercenary versions.


  1. Create a mods\ directory in the Rome: Total War root directory if one does not already exist, and copy the bi\ directory into it.
  2. Rename the mods\bi\ directory to mods\rule_britannia\, and delete the file mods\rule_britannia\data\sounds\events.dat.
  3. Copy the contents of the rule_britannia\ directory in the mod archive to the mods\rule_britannia\ directory, overwriting any existing files.
  4. Copy the Barbarian Invasion shortcut, rename it to Rule Britannia, then edit its properties and add ” -mod:mods/rule_britannia” to the end of the target.
  5. Use this new shortcut to run the game using the mod.


  • Designed for Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion 1.6.


  • All content created by Peltarius. Anyone is free to use my work as long as I am credited.